The mission of the CTI foundation is to combine the business and science environments in order to facilitate communication, cooperation and knowledge exchange between these sectors.

Our vision: in the CTI Foundation, innovative ideas, technologies and research results are transferred for practical application in business, which contributes to the increase of competitiveness.

The foundation creates a cluster STARTUP CTI in Polandwhich brings together startups, mentoring them and participating in study trips.


  1. The purpose of the foundation is defined:
    1. Promotion and popularization of promotional, innovative and ecological solutions related to the use of green energy and improvement of energy efficiency in services, industry, production of goods, creation of processes, etc.
    2. Support for enterprises in the creation, implementation, development of innovations and implementation of digital solutions, new technologies, Industry 4.0, greening and eco-effective management
    3. Implementation, support and initiation of innovative and entrepreneurial attitudes among public and private sector entities.
    4. Carrying out comprehensive activities for better use of the intellectual and technical potential of science centers and transfer of the results of scientific work to the domestic economy and for export,
    5. Analyzing the results of own research and other research on innovations,
    6. Conducting research on the transfer of innovation and its relationship between the state economy and economic and social phenomena.
    7. Participation and organization of national, regional and international scientific events promoting innovation, innovation transfer and R&D cooperation with business.
    8. Participation and organization of foreign missions, fairs and other events promoting innovation and new technologies
    9. Conducting activities to stimulate and promote innovation and multi-directional development of entrepreneurship
    10. Supporting initiatives and initiating them to build organizations associating R&D centers and entrepreneurs interested in innovations.
    11. Promotion and promotion of innovation and innovative attitudes as support for scientific research at universities in European countries.
    12. Promotion and support of scientific research and its results in the field of economic and process aspects of business activity.
    13. Supporting and organizing research, information, education and publishing projects aimed at acquiring and disseminating knowledge
    14. Strengthening the labor market and activating individuals as well as organizations and entrepreneurs through modern forms of enterprise development and the correct transfer of innovation, including education and training
    15. Support for the activities of organizations whose statutory goals are: scientific, technical, educational, economic activities as well as state and local government organizations.
    16. Support for natural and legal persons in the field of obtaining aid funds, grants, subsidies from programs addressed to these people.
    17. Cooperation with natural and legal persons in the implementation of projects financed from external funds such as state funds, European funds, international funds.


  1. The established foundation realizes its goals through:
    1. Conducting scientific research on the development of the innovation sector in various forms, including process, product and service, conducting and promoting the results of research on the impact of innovation transfer on the development of economic activities, including local government and state.
    2. Cooperation with other organizations as part of the activities indicated in point a.
    3. Conducting research, audits, analyzes commissioned by other entities.
    4. Development and publication of expert opinions, audits, analyzes on economic activities and innovations.
    5. Providing subsidies, grants, scholarships, subsidies in the field of activities in the scope indicated in the objectives of the foundation.
    6. Developing and conducting training, consulting, coaching, mentoring in the field of business, transfer of innovation, obtaining, settling and managing projects co-financed from external funds.
    7. Creating clusters, associations, organizations whose task will be to support entrepreneurship and promote entrepreneurial, innovative, ecological attitudes or promotion and activities in the field of research and development.
    8. Representation of the interests of organizations that operate in the area of ​​the Foundation's goals.
    9. Preparation, organization and conduct of events, fairs, economic missions, study visits, conferences, trainings, workshops, conventions, seminars and other forms of consultation and transfer of knowledge within the goals of the foundation both in the country and abroad.
    10. Conducting ecological, educational, consulting, research and development, scientific and training activities.
    11. Conducting activities related to the Foundation's goals commissioned by external organizations.
    12. Cooperation with natural persons and legal persons who can support the Foundation's activities technically, innovatively, ecologically, financially, training, consulting, information.
    13. Conducting advertising campaigns and promotional activities aimed at promoting innovation, internationalization of enterprises, greening of enterprises and promotion of external financing for investments.
    14. Publishing of magazines, magazines, leaflets, publications as well as brochures and websites within the scope covered by the Foundation's objectives.
    15. Organizing expert and consulting activities.
    16. Implementation and co-implementation of investments and economic ventures serving the Foundation's statutory objectives.

The Foundation provides services in the field of:

  • technological consulting: provides advice on the commercialization of ideas, developing innovative strategies, protecting intellectual property and creating business plans;
  • cooperation between business and science: initiates projects that enable cooperation between scientists and entrepreneurs, promoting knowledge exchange and transfer;
  • innovation financing: helps in identifying sources of financing, such as grants, loans and others that will support the development of innovative projects and ventures;
  • incubation: provides support for start-ups and young companies, enabling them to develop and test their innovative solutions;
  • internationalization: provides support in business development on foreign markets;
  • technology transfer: facilitates the transfer of technology, i.e. the transfer of research results, patents, know-how and other technological solutions to the business sector for commercialization;
  • training and education: organizes workshops, trainings and conferences aimed at improving the competences of entrepreneurs and scientists in the field of technology and innovation transfer;
  • HR BUSINESS PARTNER: prepares individual and professional action plans for companies in the field of personnel management;
  • study trips: organizes international business meetings to establish new business relationships.

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contact number: 55 237 89 32 

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Elbląg Technology Park
Stanisława Sulimy Street 1
room 332-334/ 2nd floor
82-300 Elbląg

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